doron’s grandfather , jacob dreksler, who was a building contractor in israel and south africa. here he is around 1932 on a job site in haifa israel holding the plan, with the fedora type hat

construction management:                        

although we have yet to build another architects work, we are not apposed to the possibility. as both architects and building contractors with many years of experience, we can help manage your construction project. if you are an owner builder, or you already have a construction team for your project, and you need someone to act on your behalf and help organize your project, then spire can help oversee the construction process to maximize the success of the project. 

we focus on the entire team. we believe that everything is a design decision but you can never lose sight of the expense of the project is in the building process. we minimize risksand pitfalls that projects sometimes face by through diligent analysis, thoughough check lists, clear communication, establishing reasonable expectations, tracking budgets and scheduling while operating with transparent business practices with the clients, construction team, suppliers, lenders, and building officials.

if that sounds like something that you are interested in discussing, then give us a call.